When I say Hokkaido, I am blessed with seafood.

When I say Hokkaido, I am blessed with seafood. Seafood bowls of sea urchin, crabs, scallops, etc. It is especially recommended that selfish bowls can be topped with their favorite ingredients as they are. This is a privilege that only people who came to Hokkaido can taste. I like crabs so much crabs and plenty of squid, no matter how much, shells are on board. People who like sea urchin just ask for a bowl of only sea urchin, a greedy person asked for each piece for a moment or devised a means to ride bowls and deliciously enjoyed it. Well, after I wrote a story about food I will write a story about Sapporo Dome. Of course this base of Nippon Ham Fighters and Hawks of Fukuoka are getting enthusiastic support from the local, but this enthusiasm is pretty. Even in cold Hokkaido if you are inside the dome you can enjoy watching baseball without being influenced by the weather, I think the relocation of the base of Nippon Ham is a big right answer. It was exciting to see a cool appearance of Darvish, and the ace of Japanese age had already come out. Happy Hokkaido I would like to go again.

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